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problackHalagel® Habbatus-Sauda formulated from Habbatus-sauda Oil extract. Habbatus- Sauda Oil is rich in unsaturated acid (EFA).

What Is Black Seed Oil?

Black Seed Oil or Habbatus-sauda is a medicinal herb which dates back its use to more than 3000 years. Black Seed Oil or Habbatus-sauda is also called as black cumin and botanically known as Nigella Sativa. Research on these seeds has proven that the cold-pressed oil of this seed has valuable nutritional value as well as immune boosting properties.

The oil is obtained by cold pressing at a very low temperatures to maintain the chemical composition in this oil. No chemicals or catalysts are used in this process. The process is 100% natural. The oil is then double filtered to get pure oil of black seed.

The Importance Of Halagel® Black Seed Oil

  • Anti Histamine
  • Anti Tumor
  • Anti Bacteria
  • Anti Inflammation
  • Help improve milk production for breastfeeding mother.

Each Halagel® Softgel contains 500 mg Habbatus Sauda Oil. The outer shell of each Halagel® Softgel is made from Halagel® Gelatin certified Halal by JAKIM.



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